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  • Basic format

  • ICNSP2022 consists of two separate sessions (session A and B) in a day for convenience of participants distributed in different time zones.
  •    ➣      Session A : 9:00-11:00 JST (2:00-4:00 CEST, 20:00-22:00 EDT , 17:00-19:00 PDT)
  •    ➣      Session B :17:00-19:00 JST (10:00-12:00 CEST, 4:00-6:00 EDT, 1:00-3:00 PDT)
  • where  CEST= JST-7, EDT=JST-13, and PDT=JST-16
  • Oral presentations

  • The invited presentation time is 30min (25 min talk with 5 min discussion), and the contributed one is 15min (12 min talk  with 3 min discussion). Oral presentations will be given by Zoom, sharing the screen with presenters and participants. Links to the Zoom address will be found in the registration web site.
  • Poster presentations

  • Poster sessions are assigned to sessions 2B and 3A (90 min each).  All posters can be presented in the two sessions (both or either, depending on their time zones).  Interactive presentations are available by using "Remo". Please see the detailed instruction below.
  • Video recorded sessions

  • The LOC provides video recorded replica sessions (sessions A' and B') to which access is informed only to the conference participants and available only in the session time. Thus, we must request oral presenters and participants to agree with recording their presentations and discussions and with uploading them to YouTube by the address limited to the participants.
  • The recording will be carried out by the LOC during the session time.  After each replica session time, the LOC immediately delete the uploaded file.
Wireless LAN

Internet connection is available by


The registration desk will open at 8:00 AM September 6, 2021,at the