Theoretical and simulation researches on laboratory and astrophysical plasmas

Researches on plasma in P-Lab.

casa.jpgFrom circumterrestrial to intersteller space, cosmic space is fullfilled with various intersteller materials. Most of them are ionized gases, namely plasma. In our human activities, plasma is applied to nuclear fusion experiments for future energy resource, semiconductor processes, and so on. From the viewpoint of theoretical physics, we deal with phenomena in plasmas such as instabilities, turbulence, shock waves, explosive growth, self-organization. (Image from

Numerical simulations

121001_001.jpgNot only theoretical approaches but also simulation studies using supercomputer are indispensable to researches on plasma physics. This is due to the fact that most of plasma phenomena contain strong nonlinearity in nature. For massively-parallelized plasma simulations, we use supercomputers in Nagoya University, National Institute of Fusion Science, and RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science. (Image from