EASW9 Conference program and Book of Abstracts

Conference program

Book of Abstracts

NOTICE about the Lecture 4
In the lecture L-4: Astroinformatics : Data Science in Astrophysics, the participants will experience a tutorial on data science through some exercises.
In advance to the lecture, please bring your own notebook PC and
install Python 3 environment with Jupyter in it.

Detailed information about this lecture : Click here to download PDF.

You can download Python 3 and Jupyter from below:

Installation guide is found at

Click here to see the document of this lecture.
Data we will use in the exercise part is uploaded to this page.

Viewgraph of the Lecture 10
Click here to download the viewgraph of Lecture 10.

EASW9 time table (Agenda)


Title of Lectures
L1 “Magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas”
L2 “MHD in fusion plasmas”
L3 “Particle acceleration in astrophysics”
L4 “Data science in astrophysics”
L5 “MHD turbulence"
L6 “Turbulence in fusion plasmas”
L7 “Gyrokinetic simulation of fusion plasma”
L8 “Solar dynamo”
L9 “Ionospheric plasma”
L10 "Interstellar medium and star formation”